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How much do you know about the design concept of square stainless steel tanks? As a professional stainless steel tank manufacturer, we Dezhou Shun Zheng air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment and strong technical force. In order to help you to understand our products more comprehensively, we will simply explain it to you by our stainless steel tank manufacturers. Help.


Characteristics of square stainless steel water tank:


1. The square stainless steel water tank template is made of high strength stamping process and made into standard plate welded in site.


2. Raw material selection is SUS304 food grade stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance.


3. The structural planning is reasonable and the whole welding site is assembled. High strength, good sealing, avoid two pollution of water quality.


4, light weight, 1/2 of general steel tank.


5, the water tank volume is 1 – 2000 cubic meters, there are 38 standards for planning and selection. Users can raise the length, width and height of the water tank according to the planning requirements (the standard plate is 1m*1m and 1m*0.5m). There are no special requirements on the equipment, the appearance is neat, bright and beautiful.


Design concept of square stainless steel water tank:


1, the use of very little material consumption, through the material deformation method to achieve the effect of strength.


2, clean and sanitary, compared with the traditional water tank, less material consumption, higher structural strength, can achieve real hundred years is not bad, is the new trend of the water tank industry.


3. Hot and cold heat insulation equipment.


4. This kind of water tank is planned according to the standard 02S101. The raw material is imported stainless steel plate, which has strong corrosion resistance, good anti-seismic performance and convenient transportation.


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