Stainless steel water tank

scbwxDetailed introduction of stainless steel water tank

Features 1, efficient energy saving The system can set the pressure as needed, and the system automatically adjusts the pump speed and the number of pumps running according to the set pressure, so that the equipment operates in an energy-efficient state. 2, the water supply pressure is stable The system implements closed-loop control, which automatically adjusts the difference between system pressure and set pressure to keep the system pressure constant. 3, easy to operate, simple The system is automatically controlled by the inverter or the inverter plus the PLC program, and the operation is simple. 4, perfect protection function It has various protections such as short circuit, over current, over voltage, overheat, overload, etc. If the pump runs faulty, it will stop working automatically and alarm output. The system has the functions of self-test, fault judgment, fault memory, fault display and automatic start backup pump. . 5, extend the life of the motor and pump Each pump is a soft start, which eliminates the inrush current during starting and prolongs the service life of the equipment; each pump cycles soft start, so that the pumps will not be rusted or frequently worn due to long-term use. 6, small flow auxiliary small pump automatic running function It can be equipped with an auxiliary small pump to make the system automatically shut down the main pump at night or other small flow conditions, and open the auxiliary small pump to avoid the waste of electric energy caused by driving the high-power water pump. 7, frequency conversion adjustment, effectively avoiding the “water hammer” phenomenon. 8. The programming and setting of the inverter and controller are convenient and easy to master. 9, with manual switch control, can ensure the safe and continuous operation of the equipment. 10, the communication interface can be connected with the computer to achieve direct control of computer networking.

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Post time: Aug-31-2018
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