Enamel water tank

tcsxDetailed introduction of enamel water tank

Enamel steel water tank selection instructions: The water tank is divided into two types: stamping and flat. The tank size, take-over position, and pipe diameter are available at the time of order. No other weldments shall be welded inside or outside the water tank to prevent damage to the porcelain surface. The load of the water tank to the ground shall be determined by the structural designer. The water tank should be cleaned regularly to prevent debris from rushing into the tank when testing the water. When the user provides the water tank opening position just at the seam of the board, The factory needs to be adjusted, the pipe diameter is unchanged (so no user is notified). The water tank support pier is 300mm wide. The spacing is 1000mm, the height is not less than 400mm, and the top of the tank and the roof are not less than 600mm for easy installation.

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Post time: Aug-31-2018
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