Fire water tank

:mrgreen: Fire-fighting and rescue activities The fire-fighting facilities that provide water for the fire brigade are divided into two categories, circulating fire water tanks and non-recirculating fire water tanks. With good water quality, clean and pollution-free, high strength, light weight and other advantages. Fire water tanks are fire fighting facilities that provide water for the fire brigade during firefighting and rescue activities. On the one hand, the fire water supply pipes are filled with water, which saves time when the fire pump is turned on and fills the pipeline. This has won time for extinguishing the fire. On the other hand, the supercharged, pressure-regulating system and water tank on the roof can ensure the water column of the fire hose, which is decisive for the success or failure of extinguishing the initial fire. Fire-fighting water tanks are divided into different types according to their uses: Fire water tanks are divided into two types: circulating fire water tanks and non-recirculating fire water tanks. The circulating fire water tank is usually connected with the city water pipe network. The water in the water tank is in a circulating flow state. When the earthquake occurs, it can be cut off automatically with the water pipe network to ensure that the water tank is always filled with clean water. In addition to providing fire fighting water for the fire brigade, it is mainly used to provide clean drinking water to the public in the event of large-scale disasters such as earthquakes and urban tap water networks. Circulating fire water tanks are mainly installed in places where citizens are used for evacuation when earthquakes such as schools, parks, and hospitals occur. Non-recycling water tanks are not connected to the water pipe network and the water inside is not drinkable. Its role is mainly to prevent fire hydrant from being used. :lol:


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