Fire water tank

xfsxFire water tank refers to the firefighting device to provide the fire brigade with water in firefighting and rescue activities. On one hand, the water tank fills fire water supply pipes with water to reduce the time required for starting the fire pump to fill the pipes and win time for fire suppression; on the other hand, the roof-top pressurization and pressure stabilizing system and water tank can ensure the firefighting lance is filled with water, which is of critical importance for suppression of initial fire.
The FRP fire water tank is made with quality resin by adopting the excellent production technology of mold pressing and it is featured with small weight, no rust, no leakage, good water quality, wide scope of application, long service life, excellent insulation performance, beautiful shape, easy installation, cleaning and maintenance, strong adaptability, etc. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises, public institutions, residential buildings and office buildings and it is an ideal choice for storage of water for both firefighting and industrial purposes.

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Post time: Sep-10-2018
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