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FRP water tank
Dezhou Shunzhen Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in production (glass reinforced plastic water tank, stainless steel water tank, BDF water tank, plastic water tank, hot-dip galvanized water tank, assembled steel water tank)
1. The FRP water tank is designed and manufactured for storage of room temperature drinking water. Do not use it to store hot water or other liquids (chemicals, petroleum, etc.), since FRP will soften when heated and service life of the FRP water tank will be reduced.
2. Site construction: Prior to construction, install stays according to the foundation requirement and provide power supply for construction and clean water for leakage check.
3. Do not use fire near the water tank: Take protective measures when carrying out welding, to prevent sparks from flying onto the water tank plates.
4. Prevent external pollutants from flowing into the water tank: Certain space must be reserved around the water tank to facilitate maintenance and inspection and ensure safety.
5. Do not crash individual FRP molded plates onto sharp corners or knock them with tools or other hard objects.
6. To prevent expansion, contraction and unbalanced loading of the pipes and ensure resistance to vibration, inlet and discharge pipes of the FRP water tank must adopt flexible rubber joints (expansion joints) and supports shall be added for the connecting pipes but shall not act on the water tank.
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