Galvanized steel water tank

dxgbsxGalvanized steel water tank and enamel steel water tank, the box structure, material selection, assembly methods are the same, the difference lies in the different ways of anti-corrosion. Enamel steel plate: The HSC series porcelain shaft [Quartz feldspar fluorite] natural mineral material was selected. The steel plate was made of high-quality carbon steel plate and sintered at a high temperature of 1300°C. The plates of the assembled enameled steel water tanks are assembled from enamel steel plates. The bottom of the tank is supported by a channel steel base. The internal stainless steel bars are used for reinforcement and the blocks are sealed with rubber strips and fastened with bolts to make them stronger. The galvanized steel water tank and the enamel steel water tank are also very similar, and their water storage capacity is from 1.0—-1000 cubic meters, which can be produced and assembled according to the user’s requirements. The diameter and position of the water inlet pipe, outlet pipe and overflow pipe of the tank are determined by the design; there should be no less than 600mm channels around the tank, and the tank bottom and box top should not be less than 800mm. When installing, the connection gap between the bottom of the box and the bottom of the box shall be located on the support. Advantages of using galvanized steel water tanks: The scientific molding process has increased the strength by several times, which not only ensures the maximum pressure requirement of the water tank, but also saves materials, and satisfies the aesthetic and practical requirements of the water tank. The galvanized water tank is well closed, it is difficult to breed algae and red worms, and the secondary pollution of water is avoided. The lowest price of galvanized steel tanks solved the problem of water pollution caused by the leakage of concrete tanks, the corrosion of steel tanks, and the shedding of antirust paints.

The utility model has the advantages of light weight, high strength, no leakage, no deformation, no pollution, no mildew, long service life, etc., and the structure is simple, the appearance is beautiful, and the installation is convenient.

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Post time: May-02-2018
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