First of all, we all know that the stainless steel insulated water tank is made of 304 stainless steel plate. Built-in polyurethane foam, although the cost is higher, but the insulation effect is the best. Today, Xiaobian wants to brief you on the construction plan of the large-tonnage stainless steel insulated water tank. Large tonnage, naturally refers not to 10 tons or 20 tons, but 200 tons, 300 tons, or even larger. The larger the water tank, the more difficult it is to construct and the longer it takes.

Construction preparation:
1. Familiar with drawings, skilled in technology, water tank construction drawings and structural drawings, and architectural drawings.
2. Pay attention to the strip foundation of the water tank to meet the drawings and installation requirements. The height should not be less than 300mm, and the error of all foundation heights should not exceed 5mm.
3. Confirm that the construction site is dry and ventilated.
4. The construction site will be assigned special personnel to manage the overall management of the construction team and supervise the quality of the water tank.
construction process:
1. Welding frame bottom;
2. Fix the bottom plate and side plates;
3. Fix the cover and install the accessories;
4, opening;
5. Overall welding.

Sealing performance test:
After the welding is completed, wipe all the welded parts with a dry towel, and then inject water into the indicated capacity. After standing for 24 hours, wipe all the welded parts with a dry towel. The towel should be free of moisture.
Maintenance notes:
After the water tank is installed, it is necessary to regularly clean the stains on the wall of the tank to prevent rust and corrosion. Do not place heavy objects on top of the tank. For a brief introduction to the construction plan of the large tonnage stainless steel insulated water tank, write this, more content, please call us.

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Post time: Aug-06-2018
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